Improving the Customer Experience

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GoContact - Customer Experience EN - Tips to be one step ahead in the Customer Experience

Written by:

Rut Vazquez

There are 3 steps to improving the customer experience:
1. Understand the customer journey and know each point of contact between the customer and the company.
2. Use automation and Artificial Intelligence to analyze data and facilitate smarter and easier connections that improve the customer experience.
3. Reduce operational costs, increase customer satisfaction, and reduce customer churn.

The main advantage of a customer experience analysis is understanding where customers have the most contact with the brand, where customers tend to abandon the company, and the causes of dissatisfaction. 

Benefits of Analyzing the Customer Experience:

  • Improved customer experiences
  • Decreased call volumes
  • Faster call resolution rates
  • Decreased operational costs
  • Increased accessibility for customers

Although improving NPS scores is the most traditional and frequently used way to analyze the customer experience, there are other strategies for improving the customer experience using customer experience analysis.

How to Analyze the Customer Experience

Analyze your website. A website is the first point of contact for customers — make sure it is intuitive, informative, and optimized to provide all the necessary information and a good customer experience.

Understand the customer journey. All the actions made by a customer or future customer are part of the journey. Here’s an example:

A customer sees an ad and clicks on it, and later searches for the product or service on Google and re-enters the page. After two days, they call the company for more information.

Each of these actions contributes to the customer journey. Understanding these paths allows companies to pinpoint areas of concern and set a plan for improving them.

Integrate with a CRM. Customer relationship management (CRM) software helps manage relationships and interactions with current and potential customers. A good CRM system keeps track of webpages, emails, phone numbers, social media data, purchase history, and more. This information helps employees provide quality customer service and improves customer satisfaction.

Keep track of competitors. Monitor competitor strategies, website content, campaigns, reviews, etc., and learn from them. Be attentive to the customer experience offered by competitors: see if they’re doing something unique and evaluate whether it is successful so your company can deliver a similar — or better — customer experience.

Don’t forget the comments. Positive feedback is a great way to bring in new customers, but negative reviews are a source of learning. Analyze customer experiences with the brand and learn, improve, and correct as needed.


With proper planning, understanding the customer experience is not complicated. A platform like GoContact can help consolidate customer (and future customer) information and monitor various metrics and data. These tips can help improve the customer experience quickly and easily.