How COVID accelerated the Contact Centres Business Transformation?

The Portuguese view by ManpowerTBO

6th of October, 14:00

Cândido Ferreira
Head of Service Centers & BPO

João Gonzalez
Head of International

In this webinar, you’ll discover the Portuguese view of the impact of COVID in the Business of Contact Centres. With CCMA as host, GoContact will be talking with ManpowerTBO, an international BPO, about the transformations that happened during COVID and what is still to come.

João Gonzalez, Head of International Accounts at GoContact, will be discussing the following topics with Cândido Ferreira, Head of ManpowerBPO Portugal Service Centers & BPO: 

  • Real Time Decisions: how it started
  • How was day one?
  • The main changes: lockdown, customer service & operations
  • Challenges for the future

Join us and get to know the Portuguese Vision of Business Transformation in Contact Centres, a conversation between two experts in the sector!

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