Email Automation

In your Contact Center, is it common to copy and paste answers to frequent e-mail requests?

Automate your customer service on your company’s email channel.

Email Automation

Automate Frequent Requests via Email

If your company’s customer service receives many emails with the same questions or requests, leading your agents to respond to the simpler ones and forward the more complex ones to other departments, you can use automation to ensure customer satisfaction and cost efficiency.

Use an email bot to classify and automate up to 80% of responses so that agents can focus on the most complex questions.

Email Automation

Boost efficiency, ROI and CSAT!

Improve customer satisfaction with faster response times and first-contact resolution. Identify the reason for sending, based on the content of the email and attachments, and automate up to 80% of email interactions to improve operational efficiency and ROI.

Email Automation

Identify the reason for each e-mail request

Identify the reason for each request based on an analysis of the email subject, body text and attachments. Our email bot uses technologies such as natural language processing, machine learning and optical character recognition to interpret the content of the email, the documentation and ensure the right response for each interaction.

Email Automation

Integrates with your Business Platforms

We know that you use other platforms and that everything needs to be synchronized. That is why our chatbots integrate with various CRM and ERP platforms, such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Unbable, among others.



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