The Voice Assistant your Contact Center needs!

Automate your voice channel through voicebots, DTMF, advanced IVR and Intelligent Voice Assistant (IVA) to increase customer satisfaction and the efficiency of your Contact Center.

Through its resources:


Natural Language Processing and Understanding




Automatic Speech Recognition

It allows you to revolutionize your Contact Center and get real results:

Reduction in time spent navigating the IVR

Accurate routing of interactions, reducing internal transfers by up to 80%

Reduction in average call time

The solution includes:

Advanced IVR

Advanced IVR allows you to empower your IVR with DTMF (Dual-tone multi-frequency) automation to quickly route customers to the answers they need.


  • Provide self-service via the dial pad.
  • Invoking APIs to deliver the information requested by the customer.
  • Offer customers the option of speaking to an agent if the interaction becomes too complex.

The solution includes:

Intelligent Voice Assistant (IVA)

The Intelligent Voice Assistant (IVA) allows you to optimize your customers’ journey, reduce average call times and much more.


  • Automated responses, intelligently.
  • Autonomous completion of tasks.
  • Triggering subsequent actions based on the data collected.
  • Understanding the specific reason customers initially contacted your company, to improve their experience.

Here are some of the possible uses

Automated integration of meter readings

Simplify the process of collecting meter readings from your customers and then integrate them into your services via API web services.

Automated collection of customer data

Collect essential customer details during initial interactions, ensuring that all necessary information is gathered before being transferred to a live agent.

Parcel tracking

Have an automated system to track order shipments, providing real-time updates to customers on order status, location, delays, or problems.

Geographically personalized audio notifications

Provide personalized audio notifications to customers, based on their geographical location, when a local or utility service is having problems.

Automation of payment details

Ensure an automated system designed to help customers obtain payment details for various transactions, such as bill payments, overdue fees, or outstanding balances.

Scheduling and confirming appointments

AI simplifies the process of scheduling and confirming appointments with clients. This optimizes appointment management with a success rate of around 82% for appointments and subsequent confirmations.

See some use cases in action:


Automates the collection of information to schedule a medical appointment and forwards the call to an agent.
Full Automation
Check the status of a delivery package with a twist, as the order reference is not found or is not correct.
Full Automation
Complete automation of ordering a customized pizza, from the choice of ingredients to the method of delivery and payment.



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