Automate the most frequent interactions with a Chatbot!

Automate customer service on your company’s chat channels.


Automate the most common interactions with chatbots

If many of your company’s customer service interactions are repetitive and time-consuming, they can be automated to ensure customer satisfaction and cost efficiency.

A chatbot can automate up to 70% of responses to the most common requests and the most repetitive tasks, so that agents can concentrate on resolving more complex issues. 


Boost efficiency and customer satisfaction

The number of customer interactions with companies via chat has increased exponentially. With this growth, chatbots can help your company cope with this increase, significantly improving response times, first contact resolution and CSAT (customer satisfaction).


Build your Chatbots with total Autonomy

With our partner, you guarantee total autonomy in the construction of your chatbots, which are easy to build and configure, without the need for programming or extensive technical knowledge. You can automate the most frequent requests from customers or even employees, surveys and more, while identifying the interactions that require human intervention.


Machine Learning for Continuous Improvement

Machine learning and natural language processing systems that collect information for continuous learning. Over time, response efficiency improves as the chatbot learns from each interaction.


One Interface, Multiple Channels

Interact with customers on the platform they prefer, whether it is a chat on your website or messaging on social media, via Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or Instagram Direct Messages. With our chatbots, you can integrate these channels and manage all interactions on a single platform.


Integrates with your Business Platforms

We know that you use other platforms and that everything must be synchronized. That is why our chatbots integrate with various CRM and ERP platforms, such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Unbable, among others.



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