We are GoContact

We develop a disruptive software solution for contact centers. We believe that technology has to be at the service of people and, therefore, we want to revolutionize the world of contact centers by developing platforms that guarantee the services/functionalities that our clients need.

“It's a privilege to work at GoContact!
It is to feel that every day we are creating something new that is useful
for our clients, that is different and guarantees that we are
more and more their technological solution. Think Technology.
Think Operations. Think Customer"

António André Santos

Chief Operations Officer na GoContact


GoContact is growing, so we are recruiting in several areas. We believe that our success and growth has only been possible because of the competitive performance of our team. We have a close, cohesive, active and celebratory culture where concern for the well-being and development of people is the most important thing.

Perks and Benefits


Our growth is the result of the work of our entire team. That is why, each year, GoContact shares a significant part of its financial results with all employees.

Health Insurance

All our employees are entitled to an annual health insurance policy, which allows them to have a complement to their health plan.


Providing training and professional development opportunities to our employees is a fundamental pillar for the company's vision. Because we know that we can only grow and progress when our employees grow with us.

Annual Events

During the year, we have 3 annual get-togethers for all our employees, in order to promote socialization outside the company and strengthen team spirit: (1) New Year's Eve Dinner, (2) Team Building Weekend , (3) Family Day.

Perks and Benefits