A Cloud-based Contact Center Platform for the Digital Era

Enhance your Contact Center with the agility and autonomy that allow you to create a service experience which customers love and become loyal to.

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The Customer
in their Service Center

Change the channel, but stay connected. Interact with customers through their favourite channel and keep the conversations context on the customer record even when they start on one channel and end on another. Improve your customer service experience with a platform that allows you to manage all interactions using a single interface.

Set Parameters
with Total Autonomy

An intuitive platform that has been designed to provide total operational management autonomy, even in the most complex businesses. Changing a campaign, the functioning hours, launching a new promotion, adjusting a Script, editing an IVR, everything becomes easier with GoContact.

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“Along with the omnichannel concept, I would like to highlight that GoContact offers a customized solution which, by way of a dynamic development, allows processing the various activities in a customized manner and according to the needs and challenges of Worten’s Contact Center.”

Luis Ferreira

Customer & Service
Center Manager at Worten

A Look at
your Performance

An Analytics platform previously fed with knowledge on the industry and tailored to the specifics of your Contact Center. Access functional and relevant metrics that can be 

consulted, filtered and correlated dynamically with alerts and optimization recommendations.

Agility and Efficiency
for your Business

Manage priorities and waiting queues, agent skills and workflows between teams. Reduce waiting times and costs while increasing the efficiency of your operation with total visibility of your SLA.

All you need to improve your
Customer's Experience


Access online
and through any device,
for better performance
and system redundancy


Everything you need to know about your customers,
all communication channels,
a single interface


We monitor and grow
with your business,
without having to
change the system

Paid according
to its use

Convert fixed costs into
variable costs and pay only
for what you use


We integrate with
your business tools,
CRMs and ERPs.


We believe that
our customers' success is achieved with a daily follow-up.

All you need to improve your Customer's Experience

Discover the Cloud-based Contact Center
for the Digital Era.

We believe that our customers' success is achieved with consultancy support and a daily follow-up.
Breathing your business' environment and spirit is what allows us to provide the best solutions.