Turn your Contact Center into a Social being

GoContact's platform allows you to answer the questions posed on your company's Facebook Messenger using a single interface.

Your Customers
are talking about you

Answer your customers and offer a unique service experience that enhances your company’s reputation in these highly visible networks. Ease this integration and response with a Contact Center software that gathers in a single interface all the service channels used by your team.

Monitor and Respond

Monitor messages and what is said about your company. With powerful search tools, indexing, suggestions, automatic responses, and many other features, you can ensure that no customer is left without an answer, regardless of the agents’ availability status at that moment.

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Along with the omnichannel concept, I would like to highlight that GoContact offers a customized solution which, by way of a dynamic development, allows processing the various activities in a customized manner and according to the needs and challenges of Worten’s Contact Center.

Luis Ferreira

Customer & Service
Center Manager at Worten

Customer & Service
Center Manager at Worten

Add an Artificial
Intelligence Layer

Access a real-time dashboard that displays the agents’ status and to reports with several activity indicators. Categorize interactions to comprehend the main reasons for receiving the contacts and configure response models to ensure faster replies to the most frequently asked questions.

Integrate Facebook into your Contact Center

We believe that our customers' success is achieved with consultancy support and a daily follow-up.
Breathing your business' environment and spirit is what allows us to provide the best solutions.