The most organized method to manage your support via Email

Provide your team with the right tool to organize the management of emails and support requests by establishing rules, priorities and performance reports.

Simplify and organize
your Email management

Your customers’ support requests can be converted into tickets, so that no request remains unanswered. GoContact, categorize the reasons why the contacts are received, establish priorities and rules for managing those contacts, visualize your service’s responses and performance and assign each ticket to the right person.

Much more than an Email Box


Forward each ticket
to the right person


Speed up the response
to frequently asked questions

of Matters

Organize responses
in specific queues

Establish Rules
and Priorities

Define the SLA and which tickets
you want to visualize first


Whenever each ticket
has a status update

Analytics and

Analyse employees'

Much more than an Email Box


Help your team to respond more effectively to emails and requests, interconnecting the information with the voice, chat or social networks channels. With information exchange within the tickets, establishment of priorities, organization of queues for a dedicated management and assignment of each ticket to the right agent.

Total Control
of your SLA

Define your SLA of response and optimize your performance progressively by measuring your team’s ability to close events within the established times. Determine time-based rules for responses, redistribute work to comply with the SLA and automate notifications to ensure that no one is left unanswered.
“Innovative and versatile, this application allowed a completely different management of resources through the systematic and daily analysis of results and the consequent search for improving the quality of the service provided to our customers.”

Carlos Pereira

National Director of Sales
and Customer Service at Chronopost

Performance Analysis

Access complete historical or real-time analysis of your performance, or personalized reports. Measuring your team’s productivity and efficiency becomes an easy task. Within the defined SLA, obtain visibility on your employees’ performance, answered and pending requests, waiting times and responsive capacity.

Increase the efficiency on the
management of your company's Emails

We believe that our customers' success is achieved with consultancy support and a daily follow-up.
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