Prosegur and GoContact:
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Prosegur is one of the world leaders in private security, having started its activity in Portugal in 1980. It is currently in 17 countries, with more than 150,000 employees and a market value of approximately 3 billion euros.

For Prosegur, the provision of security services presupposes a relationship of trust between the company and its Customers. In order for this relationship of trust to remain at an untouchable level and in constant growth, it is essential that the relationship between the client and Prosegur be fast, secure, clear and, above all, effective.

For the relationship of trust between Prosegur and its Customers to be constantly consolidated, the Contact Center plays a fundamental role. The GoContact solution not only boosted the productivity of the Contact Center, but also the quality of the service provided by Prosegur.

“Prosegur’s Contact Center has multidisciplinary teams where versatility is a necessity and part of everyday life. Bringing together in a single tool all the diversity of channels and all the diversity of activities carried out by our team, as well as increasing the team’s productivity, were the main benefits of the GoContact solution.”

Luís Ramos Martins

Customer Service Centre Coordinator
at Prosegur

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Trust and security are core values ​​for Prosegur’s relationship with its customers. By improving the application of work in the Contact Center, Prosegur managed to ensure that the various stakeholders can focus on what really matters, improving the relationship with customers and satisfying their requests.