Your Customer at the centre of the Service

Change the channel, but stay connected. Interact with customers using your favourite channel and retain the context of conversations even when they start through one channel and end on another.

This is Ana!

Ana contacted you through Facebook. Then, she sent an email and is now calling your company.

Ana only wants to solve one matter, why does she need to see three different answers to be elucidated?

Visibility of all
interactions in
a single interface

Visibilidad de
todas las interacciones
en una única interfaz

visibilidade de interações

Interact with
Customers using
your Favorite Channel

With the GoContact platform you can interact with your customers using your favourite channel, retaining the context of the conversations and customizing each approach, even when the interaction starts through one channel and ends on another. You can access all data, relevant activities and interactions in a single integrated interface.

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Along with the omnichannel concept, I would like to highlight that GoContact offers a customized solution which, by way of a dynamic development, allows processing the various activities in a customized manner and according to the needs and challenges of Worten’s Contact Center.

Luis Ferreira

Customer & Service Center
Manager at Worten

Effortless Attainment
of Customer Satisfaction

Improve your customers’ inbound experience using a platform that allows managing all interactions within a single interface. Visualize your customers’ contact history to personalize interactions with each customer.

Visibility on the
of each channel

Monitor and analyse each interaction channel to perceive your team’s performance in the various channels with real-time reporting and statistics. Access functional and relevant metrics that can be consulted, filtered and correlated dynamically in a user-friendly dashboard.

Place the Customer in the Core
of your Contact Center

We believe that our customers' success is achieved with consultancy support and a daily follow-up.
Breathing your business' environment and spirit is what allows us to provide the best solutions.