4 Advantages of Artificial Intelligence in the Contact Center

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Rut Vazquez

The Contact Center industry is one of the sectors that is benefiting the most from Artificial Intelligence (AI) and from the implementation of technologies in customer service. These developments are becoming critical as they make procedures more efficient not only for workers but also for customers.

We are in an era where the focus of any company to achieve success is on the customer experience, so anything that helps to improve the quality of service is an advantage. The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) helps to improve the customer experience, without forgetting that what the customer values the most is human contact. 

Discover the main advantages of using Artificial Intelligence in Contact Centers: 

24-hour service: 

Increasingly, customers want to have their questions answered and contact the brand outside of traditional hours. Having this service for 24 hours could be expensive in human, resources but using Artificial Intelligence in customer service is the solution for that. A virtual assistant can interact and respond to a customer, interpreting and trying to solve their questions, using chatbots or messaging applications, or by voice call, using NLP (Natural Language Processing) and TTS (Text Conversion) technologies. in speech). This type of service resolves common and frequent questions from consumers, such as opening hours, delivery, or payment methods, or which physical stores are in a particular location. 

Resource saving 

Artificial Intelligence reduces costs due to the economy of human resources and the use of technology. Companies can increase their operations without having to make additional hires. Not only because chats are implemented to manage basic information interactions, but it also generates a cost reduction in the training and education of people. In addition, natural language IVRs make it easy to automate repetitive processes, freeing agents to perform more important tasks, reducing wait time, lowering costs, and improving customer service. 

Large volume data collection and analysis 

Data collection can be done through any channel in all customer interactions, and not just through a human. Artificial Intelligence tools can also collect customer behavior data when browsing the site or through discovering patterns of behavior. 

 Another benefit related to customer data is the ability of Artificial Intelligence to manage and analyze a large volume of data without compromising the speed of the system, then converting it into valuable data. This data analysis can later be used to guide the agent in future interactions. 

Personalized service 

Artificial Intelligence has great capacity to provide us with customer data and direct the service to a single person, and not to a set of customers. AI makes AI (Arificial Intelligence) makes it possible to quickly identify behavioral trends so that the agent can then develop strategies that meet the customer’s needs. Machine learning and chatbots can also anticipate customer needs, analyzing and interpreting their information, increasing sales opportunities, cross selling products or even filling out a form intelligently. 

There is no doubt that, due to Artificial Intelligence, customer service solutions are increasingly becoming part of the daily routine of Contact Center companies. There are many advantages to using AI in Contact Centers. You can learn more about Artificial Intelligence as an ROI agent in our Ebook on Artificial Intelligence.