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Carolina Delgado Alia

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Carolina Delgado

GoContact and Emergia sign a collaboration agreement to work in the Iberian and Latin American markets.

GoContact, a software development technology company for Contact Centres based in the Cloud and Emergia, a multinational company specialized in the integral management of the relationship with the customer (Contact Centre/BPO), signed a collaboration agreement to work together in the Iberian and Latin American markets.

Business collaboration

By way of this agreement, Emergia reinforces its market leadership thanks to the technological flexibility and GoContact’s knowledge on the business. On the other hand, GoContact accelerates its entry into the Colombian and Latam market, together with a leading partner in the region, through technological solutions that already operate successfully in EMEA.
By entering into this alliance with GoContact, I am sure that we will accelerate the implementation of flexible and agile solutions that re increasingly demanded by the marked, which is a pillar of our strategic plan. The passion and innovation capacity of the entire team is undoubtedly a key factor for this endeavour”. Miguel Matey, CEO at Emergia

Both organizations focused on helping companies and entities affected by the crisis caused by COVID‐19 in the markets. On the one hand, GoContact developed functionalities to guarantee the continuity of the companies’ business. On the other hand, Emergia focused its efforts on taking care of its employees, ensuring continuity and quality of service for its customers. To this end, they developed hybrid solutions to work in the centre and telework tailored to each customer, supported by a polyglot operating team of more than 8,000 professionals, 15 service delivery centres, as well as in the customer’s own facilities.

The strategy of both companies, which consists of placing technology at the service of people,
accelerated this partnership to offer the market innovative solutions based on cloud technology,
efficient and safe, and guaranteeing companies the reduction of the sector’s own barriers.
We realized from the beginning that this collaboration would be very positive, not only for both
companies, but also helping us to face together the reality of remote work and the new scenarios placed before companies and the market. With the agility and flexibility that characterizes both companies, and with a common aim; growing in other markets with the quality and robustness that characterizes both of us”. Rui Marques, CEO at GoContact.


Emergia, which is a large group of professionals who are experts in global industry, is undertaking a commitment to revolutionize the traditional approaches of the BPO model with a culture based on “emotional experience”, technology, flexibility and efficiency.

After more than 15 years in the European, Latin American and American markets, in the last two years, Emergia has started a transformation plan with a focus on specializing its traditional service lines; “Customer service” and “Sales”, in the different segments in which it operates: Telecommunications, Banking, Insurance, Utilities, Consumption, Education and Airlines. At the same time, it offers new services such as the Digital Agency, Collection and Omnichannel Sales. Through these services, the offer of value to the customer is increased, based on efficiency thanks to the consultancy applied to the customer’s business, technological solutions that accelerate the digital transformation of the services it operates and a flexible and efficient human team in their current ways of working.


GoContact has been strengthening its presence in the BPO sector offering flexibility and responsiveness, extensive experience in customer service operations consultancy, Omnichannel solutions, Cloud and Artificial Intelligence‐based development. The GoContact team is constituted by people with know‐how and experience in managing Contact Centre operations, whose advice at these times is essential, reinforcing the company’s DNA: “Empowering Operations”.

After more than 7 years in the market, it is characterized for ensuring the security and robustness of operations and reducing technological complexity in the Contact Centre’s management, eliminating barriers between people and technology.
The company has developed several innovative solutions, many of them regarding Artificial Intelligence, with partners such as Google Cloud, and in areas still scarcely explored, such as voice Bots. A culture of innovation that remains in the organization’s DNA.