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Carolina Delgado

Operations in the US and Mexico, One Hundred and Fifty New Occupations and New Data Centres opening up with GoContact in 2022.

Expectations are high for GoContact in the next coming months, with the opening of new markets in both the US and Mexico while also improving the existing markets.  

The company who specialises in CaaS software for Contact Centers, joined the American business group Broadvoice last July 2021 and presents its 2022 strategy with very ambitious goals. However, its CEO Rui Marques indicates, “The KPIs that we have identified for achieve within the 2022 strategy are based on the internationalization of the markets, a fact that we began at the end of 2020 and that in 2021 have borne very gratifying results, highlighting the Latin American market.” Marques supports the veracity of its objectives indicating: “These data are based on the results of last year and refuted with the facts, more than positive, of this first quarter of the year, where North America is positioned as one of the most powerful for us”

In this sense, GoContact wants to assist in strengthening the internationalization of the sector and for this it has created the so-called “acceleration program”. This project is allocated 40% to your existing accounts and 60% to new accounts that want to join it.

The essence of the project lies not only in the digital transformation but in the efficiency of operations and their ability to work together and offer the BPO a centralization of operations where it will guarantee security and high quality.

After the success of the first operation in Canada, GoContact is carrying out an operation which has opened the doors to the North American market, with its international partner Transcom and Broadvice infrastructure. The aim of this project is to encourage other operations in the US market to join us. On March 16th and 17th they will host a brand launch in one of the most important conferences of the Contact Center sector in North America, “Call & Contact Center Expo” in Las Vegas.

In this meeting Broadvoice – GoContact will have a stand, a knowledge area with 5 daily master classes, and its well-known drinks corner, where the gin and tonic always has a special place.

Along with this market, GoContact has begun its prospecting in Mexico where it already has operations in one of the largest BPOs in the world, a prelude to large international joint projects.

In addition to the exponential growth of GoContact in the various markets, they will make 150 new hires, mainly in the areas of development, support and sales due to their success in 2022. The aim of GoContact will remain the same as its always been, to. offering the market and its customers, particularly, the quality and guaranteed to meet the needs that they demand.

Within this area of Human Resources, activities aimed at collaborators will be intensified, among which training and sports stand out. At the same time, and within their objectives is to work on Social Responsibility, where they are already working with some of the foundations and associations of their clients and suppliers. In this case, they have recently participated in the Exit Foundation’s E3 Challenge together with emergia.

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