Agustí Molías, CEO of The Client Group

Our guest on Speak With Go is Agustí Molías, CEO of The Client Group

"I prefer to inspire to order, provoke to indicate, motivate to command" this phrase is from Agustí and it already tells us a lot about who he is and his contribution to the Contact Center & BPO industry.

More than 15 years ago he founded the conglomerate of companies The Client Group, where they work on Customer Experience from the existence of a BPO, through consulting and ending with mentoring.

What will you find?

Agustí makes this interview with Rui Marques a relaxed meeting where the evolution of the industry and its way of developing are the basis of the conversation. This is followed by the importance of training and motivating teams, the identification and analysis of each phase in the processes and the future from the perspective of experience.

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