Ana Karina Quessep, CEO of BPrO

Our guest on Speak With Go is Ana Karina Quessep, CEO of BPrO

Ana Karina Quessep joined BPrO in 2009 and has led the organization ever since. But before this event occurred, Ana Karina already knew the Contact Center & BPO industry, since she has held management roles in international companies linked to this area.

Her background in the industry makes Ana a magnificent ambassador, as well as excellent public relations, where all companies attend the already well-known CX Summit, the Congress organized by BPrO led by Ana.

What will you find?

A guest, Ana Karina Quessep, Executive Director at BPrO who will talk to us about the work in the Colombian market of the organization she directs; BPrO. In addition, together with Rui Marques, CEO of GoContact a Broadvoice company, they will address issues such as the internationalization of the Colombian market, new work models, the role of women in the sector.

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