Carlos Fernando Sánchez, CEO of Contento BPS

Our guest on Speak With Go is Carlos Fernando Sánchez, CEO of Contento BPS

Carlos Fernando Sánchez is more than well known in the Colombian Contact Center & BPO sector. Well, he has 30 years of professional background in this area where he has played roles, such as; commercial management, product design and development, marketing, customer service, as well as technology management, which has made him an integral professional to carry out positions that require leadership and management skills.

What will you find?

To a very special guest, Carlos Fernando Sánchez, President at Contento BPS, who together with Rui Marques, CEO at GoContact a Broadvoice company, will tell us what a first year at Contento BPS has been like, the strength of the Contact Center sector compared to others, the implication of technology in operations, and the occasional surprise.

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