Contxi Fajardo, CEO at Bee Calling

Our guest on Speak With Go is Contxi Fajardo, CEO at Bee Calling

Bee Calling is a Valencian BPO that has been offering its services to important Spanish companies for about 15 years.

In this interview, its CEO, Contxi Fajardo, tells us what it has been like to create a company from scratch, where they are today and where they are going. But above all, Contxi tells us who is behind this company and the value of those who make it up.

What will you find?

Something more than an interview, a meeting between friends that the industry has given, where both CEOs; Contxi Fajado as CEO of Bee Calling and Rui Marques as CEO of GoContact a Broadvoice company, visualize the future of their companies, how they can grow together and respond to the needs of an increasingly demanding market demanding technological innovation.

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