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Humberto Ugarte, CEO of Ucatel Group and ANECOP President

Our guest on Speak With Go is Humberto Ugarte, CEO of Ucatel Group and ANECOP President

With a background in law, HumbertoUgarte has abroad professional path of almost 50 years in thearea of finance and law, however, his adventurous spirit has led him to know and work other industries.

He arrived in the contact center sector almost 20years ago, where he was and is at the head of theUcatel group. These experiences have given him a large knowledge of the industry and his bonding with other areas, to the point where he become president of ANECOP (Nacional Association of Charges Companies of Peru).

What will you find?

An interview where Rui Marques, GoContact a Broadvoice Company CEO, interviews and finds the more intimate side of Humber Ugarte, Ucatel Group CEO and ANECOP’s President.

In the meeting, Humberto tells us how his professional career in these past years was, where finances and Customer Service walked side by side, how was the evolution of Contact Center industry in Peru and, especially, Ucatel.

In addition, tell us the value that association like ANECOP have.

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