GoContact - Speak With Go ES - José Antonio Iyo

José Antonio Iyo, CEO of Agencia B12 Admark

Our guest on Speak With Go is José Antonio Iyo, CEO of Agencia B12 Admark

After reaching 20 years of career on the Contact Center industry, José António Iyo, tells tells in this interview how were these years working side by side with the Customer Experience industry.

His experience and background focus on several areas, such as sales, marketing and human resources, always working for customer excellence.

What will you find?

An interview in audiovisual format, where José Antonio Iyo, CEO at B12 Admark Agency answers questions from Rui Marques, CEO of GoContact the Broadvoice Company.

In this relaxed conversation between guest and interviewer, Iyo comments on the evolution of the Contact Center industry in the Peruvian market and its importance in the country's economy. In addition, he tells how the merger of B12 and Konecta went and how it affected the teams and customers. They also address the new technological trends that enrich and enhance the efficiency of operations.

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