After Call Work (ACW): How to reduce time without compromising quality

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Rut Vazquez

The work of an agent with a client does not end when the call is hung up by one of the interveners. The work after a call, known as After Call Work, is more important than the call itself, because it is the moment in which we are going to know more about the company's client or potential client.

Today, the entire customer experience with the brand is highly significant, from the first contact to the end, so all the information we have about the customer is crucial. The more information we have, the better the experience we can provide will be, and the more personalized the attention is. 

What is After Call Work? 

The After Call Work is a performance indicator within a Contact Center and refers to the time that the agent was qualifying the call, filling in the comments about the call and all the data that may be important to later analyze. 

To achieve customer loyalty with the attention we give, we need the work done in the After Call Work. This information left by the agent is used in future contacts with the client, and in this way the client does not have to present his problem or situation again. If the agent does not remember or is not the same, the information may be used to offer cross-products or services in the future. 

Some examples of information that can be collected in the ACW are: Personal data, reasons for contact, product, or service for which you are interested, preferred time to be contacted, social information, tastes, preferences in certain brands, pending issues… 

How to reduce ACW time without harming the data we collect? 

Perform the ACW or part of it during the call. But it must be something balanced, because the fact that the agent is taking notes on the customer’s conversation cannot compromise the quality of the attention given or the time of the call. There may be fields that can be filled in easily, some keywords to click, or some boxes that can be selected according to the type of information and response from the customer. 

Do not use private opinions or ratings and try to be as objective as possible, placing ratings and impressions of the agent will only slow down the process. 

Another interesting option could be to use a kind of dictionary with abbreviations, either from the company or on a personal level, to be able to collect quick data and reduce ACW time. 

Use a timer. There are some situations in which agents can be timed to give feedback on the call, in this way they will go faster without wasting time on irrelevant information. But be careful, using this resource should not compromise the quality of the notes. 

 The After Call Work is just one indicator among the various metrics that exist to guarantee the proper functioning, management, and evaluation of a Customer Service. If you want to learn more about these metrics, be sure not to miss our E-book: 9 Performance Indicators of Your Customer Service.