Multichannel or omnichannel customer service: Which is best for your business?

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Daniela Araújo

One of the biggest customer service challenges companies face today is delivering a personalized, convenient, and connected experience across channels. This is because the number of channels through which customers can engage with companies is growing every day and will, most likely, continue to do so. This is where multichannel or omnichannel customer service comes in.

In this article, we explore the differences between these two types of service, highlighting their benefits and challenges, to help you determine which is the best approach for improving your company’s service in an increasingly competitive and customer-centric marketplace.

Multichannel Service - Challenges and Benefits:

With the evolution of technology and the digitization of communications, companies are increasingly concerned with providing customer service that goes beyond the telephone. They started by integrating email and SMS, and later added webchat and social networking. 

Multichannel customer service has emerged as the answer to this challenge, covering a wide range of communication channels and focusing on convenience, allowing users to choose the channel that best suits their needs and preferences. By being present on multiple channels, companies can, not only reach a wider audience, but also provide consumers with a flexible, personalized, and convenient experience. 

However, despite the benefits of multichannel service, it is important to recognize the challenges it presents. Because each channel operates independently, customer interactions are not integrated, making it difficult for agents to see and understand the full history of interactions to deliver a cohesive experience. This can also lead to customer dissatisfaction and frustration, as they may have to repeat information across channels.  

Omnichannel Customer Service - Challenges and Benefits:

While multichannel customer service offers a variety of communication channels, omnichannel customer service goes further. It not only provides customer service on multiple channels, but also ensures that the various channels are integrated to provide a fully integrated and consistent experience. 

This approach allows companies to deliver a truly fluid and personalized customer journey, regardless of the channel used. By bringing together data from different channels, agents can better understand customers’ needs and preferences and provide more appropriate and relevant solutions to their questions or problems. 

In the case of omnichannel customer service, the key challenge is to implement a solution that effectively integrates all communication channels so that all interactions are synchronized across touch points. In addition, to get the most out of data management and analytics, it is necessary to provide agents with the appropriate training to handle the different communication channels and deliver a high quality of service across them, thereby increasing operational efficiency.  

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