Creating a Work Routine at Home

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Cláudia Valente

Remote work has become a reality for many in recent years.

With the flexibility offered by this type of work, there is also a need to establish a solid routine to encourage productivity and well-being and establish a work-life balance. Creating a remote work routine at home is crucial and offers many benefits.

The Importance of a Remote Work Routine

According to a study conducted by Stanford University, the productivity of employees who work remotely has increased by 13 percent compared to employees who work in the office. However, this increase in productivity is directly related to adopting a well-structured routine. Working from home can quickly lead to a mix between personal and professional life, resulting in distractions and a loss of focus. According to Forbes, 87 percent of remote employees believe they have a better work-life balance when they follow a consistent routine.

The Benefits of a Well-Structured Remote Work Routine

Creating and following a remote work routine offers many benefits, including:

  • Increased productivity. Following a predefined schedule helps employees focus on the most important tasks and avoid wasting time.
  • Improved work-life balance. A balanced routine helps set clear boundaries between work time and personal time.
  • Reduced stress. Knowing what to expect and when to expect it helps reduce work-related anxiety.
  • Healthy habits. A routine can include exercising, eating balanced meals, and taking regular breaks.

Creating a Remote Work Routine

It can be difficult to know where or how to start building this new routine. Here are a few tips:

  • Keep a pre-work routine. Get ready for work, even when working from home. This involves showering and dressing appropriately. Doing this signals the subconscious that it is entering work mode.
  • Create a dedicated workspace. Dedicating a specific space to work is crucial. A distraction-free environment with adequate lighting and good ventilation will help maintain focus and productivity. Having a workplace helps create a mental separation between work and leisure.
  • Set a fixed schedule. Keeping a fixed schedule helps avoid distractions and maintains cohesion between work schedules and breaks. Set specific work hours each day according to natural rhythms of productivity.
  • Regularly stretch and take breaks. Taking breaks to stretch and mentally refresh can improve posture and productivity and reduce stress.
  • Set daily goals. Identify any main tasks to complete during the day and focus on them.
  • Keep in touch with the team. Video conferencing with the team is an effective way to maintain communication, avoid misunderstandings, and collaborate. Don’t forget to set specific times for virtual meetings and communications with teammates.
  • Relax and enjoy any free time. Following a routine allows employees to feel relaxed and disconnected after work hours. Enjoy time with family and friends or relaxing activities while keeping professional thoughts away.
  • Prioritize healthy eating. Eating well is essential for maintaining energy and motivation. Prepare healthy meals ahead of time to avoid the temptation of less nutritious options.

Establishing a remote work routine at home is not only a smart choice, but it’s necessary to optimize productivity and well-being. Statistics show that a well-structured routine can make all the difference when working from home.

By integrating the GoContact platform into remote work routines, employees can increase their efficiency and productivity and help separate their personal and professional lives. Structured communications, efficient time management, and support for remote collaboration contribute significantly to a healthy balance.

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