The 4 Stages of the Customer Journey

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Cláudia Valente

Delivering excellent customer experiences can guarantee the success of a business, especially those in highly competitive industries and markets.

A key part of providing exceptional customer experiences is knowing the stages of the customer journey and understanding how they relate to the customer experience.

What is the Customer Journey?

The customer journey is the process the customer follows, from the moment they discover a product or service until they decide to purchase, including the interactions and experiences they have with employees and representatives of the company.  

  • It facilitates a better understanding of the needs of the customer:  Companies can gain valuable insight into customer’s needs, wants, pains, concerns, and motivations throughout each stage. This understanding helps better align products and services with customer expectations.
  • It can personalize the experience:  Companies can personalize the customer experience at each stage and touchpoint of the journey, including communications, customer service, promotions, and special offerings.   
  • It can help identify pain points: Companies can identify pain points or obstacles that may prevent customers from buying or having a satisfactory experience. This makes it possible to provide improvements and corrections so the customer can have a smoother, more pleasant journey.
  • It can improve customer loyalty:  A well-designed customer journey that meets customer expectations leads to greater satisfaction and improved customer loyalty because satisfied customers are more likely to return and recommend the company to others. 
  • It can help optimize marketing strategies. Companies can concentrate their efforts and resources on the most impactful stages of the journey, where customers are more likely to make a purchase decision.
  • It can increase operational efficiencies: Companies can adjust their internal processes to ensure more efficient and effective customer service, resulting in higher productivity and reduced operating costs. 

The 4 Stages of the Customer Journey :

1. Awareness

The first stage of the customer journey is important for attracting potential customers. According to data from GE Capital, 81 percent of customers conduct online research before purchasing a product.

Content strategy also plays an important role: companies that regularly publish blog posts receive 55 percent more website visits. By optimizing websites with relevant content and SEO strategies, companies can increase their visibility and attract leads looking for similar solutions.

2. Consideration

The consideration stage is the crucial time when potential customers evaluate their options. According to Forrester, 74 percent of buyers opt for sellers who provide the most useful information during this phase. 

3. Decision

The decision to buy is strongly influenced by elements such as the reputation of the brand and the trust it inspires.

According to the Edelman Trust Barometer, 81 percent of customers need to trust a brand before they do business with them. Because of this, it’s crucial to provide case studies, webinars, and informational material.

In fact, the Content Marketing Institute estimates that content marketing strategies generate three times as many leads compared to traditional marketing.  

4. Action

The final stage of the customer journey is where the efforts of the previous steps come to fruition, and customer experience is paramount.

According to PwC, 73 percent of people consider customer experience an important factor in their purchase decision. Companies must ensure that the purchasing process is simple and secure, with little obstacles that could get in the way of purchasing. It’s vital to provide continuous support and efficient post-purchase service to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Understanding the customer journey is important. From awareness to action, each stage plays a vital role in attracting, converting, and retaining customers. 

By understanding the needs of potential customers at every step of the process and providing relevant information and ongoing support, companies will be positioned to grow their customer base and build lasting relationships. 

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