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8 Benefits of Implementing a WebChat on your Website

Discover 8 benefits of implementing a WebChat on your website


For Outbound interactions, there must be a careful management between the metrics of Contact Centres combined with the main performance indicators. The choice of which metrics would be monitored must be part of the strategy defined for the success of Outbound calls. The quotidian of organizations in the health sector is very particular. The humanization of contact with customers and the ability to customize and adapt interactions according to each customer and situation are fundamental factors to offer a unique service experience and a differentiated service and of great quality. With the increase of online stores and sales through this channel, the Webchat is starting to take on a relevant role in several companies. Unlike email and voice channels that are typically reactive, Webchat is a channel with great potential as a future proactive tool.

When properly implemented, this channel can make the difference between a customer browsing your website and leaving without buying anything or being helped and making a purchase.

The definition of a strategy for a more proactive service in this channel can significantly change the results of your company.

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