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Carolina Delgado Alia

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Carolina Delgado

Innovation, Business and Awards at the 2023 CX Summit

On May 10 and 11, the 21st annual CX Summit was held in Cartagena, Colombia. GoContact was a sponsor for the event, which brings together the most relevant companies and professionals in Latin America.


The event concluded with the CX Interaction Awards — a series of awards recognizing companies from different sectors and their strategic management solutions focused on quality service and improved company-customer relationships. The awards feature 16 categories divided into four primary areas: Customer Experience, Digital Transformation, Operational Strategies and People, Culture and Social Contributions.


GoContact’s client, Américas BPS, won the award for Best Collections Strategy for its client ETB, which improves collections management results. “The humanized collections model that we have developed and continue to refine with each experience is an efficient and effective model for clients who bet on a new approach to collections and the relationship with debtors,” said Olga Garzón, Director of Collections for Américas BPS.


GoContact was a fundamental piece in this winning project. With the GoContact solution, the operation was synthesized into several goals: generate operational efficiencies and optimizations, create dynamism and opportunity in the personalized management of campaigns, access reports in real-time and optimize management to increase the ease of contacting clients. The goal was to obtain the best-functioning and most-adaptable platform to meet the proposed objectives.


We see GoContact as an important strategic ally that allows us to guarantee compliance with strategies designed for our clients and make a parameterized platform with high efficiency, control and rigorous operational management available. This makes it easier for us to focus and generate synergies in our operations teams, ensuring that advisors adopt a more strategic role as negotiators.” Olga Garzón also pointed out that it continues to rebound, “It’s a joint work that allows us to affirm that the growth of the companies is focused on a strategy where the technological partner must understand the needs of the business and have a continuous accompaniment to have successful results.”