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Maturity in existing markets and new smart applications; this is how 2023 awaits GoContact a Broadvoice company

2022 represented a growth of more than 19% in global billing and approximately 25% in new licenses, in addition to sales in the United States.

Goodbye and thank you 2022

GoContact, a Broadvoice company, closed 2022 with favorable data, despite having been working in parallel on the merger with the American group to which it belongs, since July 2021. Changes and redirections that had an impact on their ways of working but have guaranteed the quality and service to its clients, including the opening of markets such as Mexico and the commercialization of the GoContact product in the Broadvoice client portfolio.


It should be noted that 2022 has been a difficult year for the CCaaS company, where the merger with the parent company is now a reality under construction, but this has not prevented the year from being really significant and very positive in terms of growth.  Well, there has been a growth of more than 19% in billing over the previous year, and this is due, in part, to the growth in licenses, which has been more than 25%.


2022 also brought a new business model for GoContact; GoPartners Program, an ecosystem of diverse partners aimed at achieving maximum customer satisfaction, from all industries and around the world, offering unforgettable experiences.


Go for 2023!

The end of the year 2022 is nothing more than the prelude to an expected 2023, the strategy for the new year comes with some very well-defined and marked KPIs, which keeps the internationalization in which the company is growing and activating, especially in the Latin American market, with this an estimated 25% growth in billing and a 52% increase in licenses.


In the Human Resources area, there have also been changes, team restructuring, internal promotion and adaptation of functions, as the demand for work has required it, to the point of increasing the workforce by 19%.


GoContact a Broadvoice company’s strategy for this year 2023 is focused on growth within existing clients, as well as maintaining and even increasing market internalization, especially in the Latin American region.


Thanks to global agreements with some of the most important BPOs in the industry on the international scene, the internationalization process is a living and growing project. Currently active in Africa, specifically in Morocco and Angola, for a few years, now the market focus is on LATAM and EMEA, in addition to the operations that are being carried out in the US.


We are aware of the deficiencies we suffered in 2022 and the blurring caused by the merger, which is why this 2023 we have designed a strategy focused on our clients, their needs and KPIs.Rui Sousa Marques, CEO at GoContact.


Another of the challenges for the company this year is to open the ban on the international market for its ai product, which has been designed to facilitate and reduce the existing barriers between people, brands and operating systems in BPOs and its Service and Customer Care Centers.


More than technology providers, we position ourselves next to our clients, becoming consultants for their operation and partners for their business. If our client has good results, so do we.André Santos, Senior Vice President Operations