GoContact - Speak With Go EN - Andres Otero

Andres Otero, CEO and Co-Founder of IPCOM

Our guest on Speak With Go is Andrés Otero, CEO and Co-Founder of IPCOM.

Following the recent strategic alliance between GoContact and IPCOM in the Latin American market, Rui Marques and Andrés Otero, respective CEOs of the two companies have sat on the talk show Speak with Go.

Beyond the upcoming and joint businesses Andrés Otero exposes his vision of the market in the sector of experience and customer services, the trends that move this area and how technology can and is helping to powers and increase business.

What will you find?

A guest with great knowledge in the Customer Experience sector in the Latin American market, who presents the current situation and the possibilities of prospection and growth in this market and isctor. In addition, it exposes the goals and projects that IPCOM has set to work with GoContact in the markets, initially, of Colombia and Mexico.

Andrés Otero gives us a diagonal description of the technological and digital demands that are demanded today, and makes a positive check of how he has found the answer to these needs in the GoContact Solution.

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