Key benefits and uses of AI in Contact Centers

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Daniela Araújo

Contact centers are often the front line for companies when it comes to interacting with customers. With technological advances, more demanding consumers have also emerged, challenging contact centers to offer more efficient and individualized service.

In this context, artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged as a powerful ally, with many benefits and opportunities for contact center operations, such as automating processes, personalizing interactions, understanding customer needs, among other advantages.

In this article, we explore 4 contact center transformations driven by AI, highlighting how they are redefining customer service standards. In addition, we present some of the main uses of this technology in contact centers.

1. Intelligent automations

With AI, contact centers can automate various processes, such as screening and routing calls, providing answers to frequently asked questions, payments or confirmations and scheduling services.

These automations encourage the autonomous completion of tasks and therefore help to significantly reduce average handle time (AHT). They also allow customers to access the information they are looking for more quickly, which increases service availability and reduces waiting times.

2. Personalized service

Personalizing customer service is key to meeting customer demands and delivering unique and memorable service experiences. With AI, contact centers can understand the unique needs of each customer and deliver personalized interactions. How?

Through Natural Language Processing (NLP), AI analyzes the tone, context, and content of customer interactions to understand their needs and preferences. In addition, with Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), the AI transcribes and interprets customer requests during calls, which maximizes the personalization of service by consulting the customer’s call history and preferences. The Text to Speech (TTS) feature allows written text to be converted into an AI voice that sounds like a real person, making it possible to create a more engaging and accessible customer service experience.

These factors contribute to increased customer satisfaction (CSAT) and a better Net Promoter Score (NPS).

3. Increased operational efficiency

In addition to personalizing service, AI also routes customers to the most appropriate agent or line by assessing their needs. Precise routing makes it possible to reduce internal transfers, ensure a consistent customer experience and improve operational efficiency.

In addition, it allows you to manage multiple interactions simultaneously, without the direct intervention of a real agent when they are not complex interactions, which increases the productivity of the contact center.

4. Advanced Data Analysis

Collecting and analyzing data is also an essential step in ensuring the smooth running of the contact center and constantly updating the service to offer excellent customer service. AI also plays a key role in this process, providing a detailed analysis of contact center operations and identifying areas for improvement.

In addition, the automated collection of the reason why customers contact companies in the first instance also provides visibility into the reasons for contact, providing valuable insights into customers’ main needs and expectations.

AI can be applied to optimize daily processes in a wide variety of industries.

Learn about some of the possible uses:

  • Automated integration of meter readings: Simplify the process of collecting meter readings for water, electricity, gas, or other essential services.
  • Customer data collection: Automate the collection of essential customer details during initial interactions, ensuring that the necessary information is collected before being transferred to a real agent.
  • Personalized notifications: Provide personalized notifications to customers based on their geographic location when a local or utility service is experiencing problems, improving understanding of the situation, and avoiding service peaks.
  • Order tracking: Offer real-time updates and tracking on order status, location, delays, or problems to improve the customer experience.
  • Payment details automation: Simplify the payment process to help customers obtain payment details for various transactions, such as bill payments, overdue fees, or outstanding balances.
  • Scheduling and confirming appointments: Optimize the scheduling and confirmation of appointments.

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