GoContact Guarantees Regulatory Compliance for Contact Centers

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Written by:

Claudia Valente

Trust is fundamental to business relationships, and contact centers face the constant challenge of providing efficient services while ensuring regulatory compliance.

GoContact allows you to meet regulatory standards in your customer interactions while also offering a complete contact center solution for your business.


1. Real-Time Monitoring: An Instant View of Operations

GoContact redefines operational management by allowing you to monitor real-time interactions between agents and customers. Thanks to its advanced technology, every interaction is meticulously monitored, giving you an instant overview of operations. This allows for immediate interventions, ensuring alignment with changing regulatory requirements.

2. Call Recording: Solid Evidence for Efficient Audits

When paired with GoContact’s advanced technology, call recording becomes vital in regulatory compliance audits. Because every interaction is securely recorded and stored, you have solid evidence during audits. In addition to meeting regulatory requirements, this simplifies the auditing process, which saves time and resources.

3. Advanced Data Analysis: Powerful Insights for Informed Decision-Making

GoContact goes beyond the basics and into advanced data analysis that allows you to identify patterns and trends. These insights help your contact center adapt to regulatory changes and empower managers to make informed decisions to improve compliance practices.

4. Customization: Adapt to Industry-Specific Requirements

Every industry has specific regulations, and GoContact is prepared for this. The platform’s customization options allow contact centers to adapt to industry-specific requirements, ensuring they are always compliant.

5. Process Automation and Authorization Control: Integrated Efficiency and Security

Process automation and strict authorization controls enable operational efficiency and security. By automating key processes, you can guarantee consistency and compliance, and authorization control ensures that only authorized users have access to confidential information.

6. Data Encryption and Integrations with Third-Party Systems: Total Security and Integrated Synchronization

Data encryption in-transit, data encryption at-rest, and efficient integrations with external systems guarantee total security and information synchronization. This allows you to protect confidential data and simplify integrated data management between platforms.

7. Training: Continuous Training for More Informed Teams

By investing in the GoContact platform, you have access to e-learning modules that you can use to create specific training for compliance and regulation. This ensures teams are informed and updated on changing requirements, contributing to a culture of compliance.


With these features and functionalities, GoContact is a crucial ally that offers operational efficiency, security, and reliability in compliance with current regulations. Guarantee your contact center’s compliance today by booking a demo.