How to Improve Customer Satisfaction during Christmas Shopping: Tips for Retail Companies

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Daniela Araújo

The Christmas season is approaching, and we already know what happens every year when the streets and stores fill up with Christmas decorations and promotions: consumers start looking for the most attractive brands and discounts to start their Christmas shopping.

Companies in the retail sector are the ones that start preparing their sales strategies the earliest, which involves numerous factors: planning promotions, creating new campaigns, reinforcing customer service and relationship strategies and many others. It is known that, for this year, loyalty will be a key factor for retailers to retain customers and, in addition, it is also clear that social networks will be prominent channels where consumers increasingly search for new products or services.

Therefore, you might be wondering: what factors are crucial for my retail business to stand out in the minds of consumers and guarantee their satisfaction with their Christmas shopping? In this article we will delve into each of these factors one by one. Join us on this exploration!

1. Know the interests and characteristics of your consumers.

To begin with, it is essential that you get to know your consumers: what they are looking for, what their characteristics are, their preferences and their buying and communication habits with brands. This will help you to define the promotional, communication and relationship strategies tailored to your company and its customers.

We know it may seem like a complex task, but with the help of complete Contact Center and Customer Experience solutions, it all becomes feasible, because the data you need is automatically on your side. How? These solutions store customer profiles and all the interactions they have had with your company, allowing you to easily identify and predict their consumption patterns.

These tools also ensure that you have the resources you need to communicate effectively with your customers and personalize your communication. Being able to suggest products and services that you have identified as being of interest of certain consumers, is the edge you gain by analyzing stored data.

2. Provide thematic training for your teams

Once you have ensured that your company has the necessary tools, it is essential to invest in training your teams to make effective use of these resources. It is crucial that you implement specific training sessions for Christmas season to ensure that your teams, especially your customer service teams, are aware of the most frequent questions and concerns that customers will have during this period, avoiding the increase in average handling time. 

In addition, it can also be an asset to develop scripts tailored to the Christmas season, so that teams naturally include greetings and themed messages during this festive period beside the FAQs quick glossary. Complete contact center solutions, such as GoContact, allow you to autonomously create and modify sales scripts to guide your teams and identify opportunities for improvement by understanding which arguments produce the best results.


3. Demonstrate initiative-taking communication, with quick responses

Being initiative-taking in communication is key to ensuring high satisfaction during Christmas season. If your company and teams are trained to present consumers with the best arguments and sales proposals and, in addition, have the necessary resources to guarantee responses in short periods of time, this will certainly increase confidence in your brand and foster loyalty.

To do this, having an omnichannel contact center solution allows you to serve consumers on various channels: email, telephone, social networks, SMS, or WebChat. This way, you ensure that consumers have the resources they need to contact your company via the channels they prefer and at the same time ensures the centralization of information, preventing any loss of customer interactions. This facilitates tracking contact requests and aligning different team members in customer service management.

Para ello, necesitas invertir en una solución de Contact Center omnicanal que te permita tratar con los consumidores en varios canales: email, teléfono, redes sociales, SMS, webchat o aplicaciones móviles. De este modo, te aseguras de que los consumidores disponen de los recursos necesarios para ponerse en contacto con tu empresa a través de los canales que prefieran. También asegura la centralización de la información, garantizando que no haya pérdida de interacciones con los clientes, lo que facilita el seguimiento de las solicitudes de contacto y la alineación de los distintos miembros de tu equipo en la gestión del servicio prestado.

4. Use automation in your contact channels

More than being present, it is important to be efficient and automating solutions is the answer to guarantee this. By implementing automation in your voice and chat channels, you can offer customers automatic access to quick information, or self-service options on the most popular topics this season: Christmas promotions, opening hours, information on orders placed or others.

This way, customers get a 24/7 response, and your teams can dedicate themselves to more specific or complex requests that automation cannot manage. This brings several advantages to your company, such as easily manage service peaks through scalability and routing resources that automation solutions allow, to cover busy periods, and also to customers, who experience reduced service waiting times and higher rates of resolution of their request.

5. Ask your customers for feedback

Ensuring customer satisfaction during Christmas shopping is the priority. But what if you started working on the success of your future Christmas campaigns?

Take the opportunity to ask your customers for feedback, through your voice and chat channels with automated satisfaction surveys, multiple-choice questions, open comments, and more. This way, you can improve your company’s results for this year, but also for the next, ensuring increasingly satisfied customers.

Applying these strategies during the Christmas season guarantees consumer satisfaction and creates unique customer service experiences that reflect the spirit of the season! Let GoContact be your partner in achieving these goals. Contact us now!