Current Customer Expectations in the Retail Industry

This article explores current trends, challenges, and practices that can elevate the customer experience and help companies take advantage of current trends in the retail industry.

Did you know first call resolution rates can reach 74% when you use a self-service IVR?

Self-service is growing in popularity for businesses and consumers. A 2017 report from Harvard Business Review showed that 81% of consumers preferred to resolve product and purchase-related concerns and problems on their own before going to an agent.

Omnichannel experiences improve annual customer retention rates by 91% and increase the lifetime value of customers by 3.4%. It’s the future of communication in the transportation industry.

For many people, data analytics and reporting isn’t the most exciting task. But it is necessary, especially when trying to optimize contact centers.

With 2023 ending, it is time to look back at the year to see what your business's strengths were and what needs to be improved. It is also time to anticipate strategies and trends that will enable you to achieve even better results next year.

Trust is fundamental to business relationships, and contact centers face the constant challenge of providing efficient services while ensuring regulatory compliance.

Differentiating your business through exceptional service is challenging but rewarding. Imagine capturing your customer's attention from the first contact because you offered a unique, personalized experience.

The Christmas season is approaching, and we already know what happens every year when the streets and stores fill up with Christmas decorations and promotions: consumers start looking for the most attractive brands and discounts to start their Christmas shopping.

As a contact center manager, you know that efficiently managing business process outsourcing (BPO) is essential to the success of your operation.