Energy Customers Can Close Contracts More Quickly with Lleida SMS External Script

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Daniela Araújo

Since 2022, the energy crisis has become more evident, primarily because of ongoing conflicts in Eastern Europe and increasing inflation.

Energy prices have consistently increased, leading consumers to search for energy companies that focus on sustainability. As a result, changes to contracts have become more frequent.

Consumers increasingly value immediacy, and energy companies can leverage this by making it quick and easy to close contracts. When choosing a new energy company, consumers are more likely to pick a partner who offers quick and efficient communications.

Because of this, GoContact has launched a new feature that allows energy companies to close contracts in a matter of minutes: Lleida SMS External Script.

What is Lleida SMS External Script?

Lleida SMS External Script is an integration with the Lleida SMS provider that allows energy companies to close contracts with new customers via a simple SMS response. This new feature takes contact center automation to the next level.

After interacting with a prospective customer, agents can send a service contract via SMS. The customer receives the SMS and replies “Yes” or “Accept.” Once the SMS is validated, an automatic external script is generated, including the signed contract.

This results in a faster, simplified contract process. Here are a few more advantages:

  • Improved customer experience. By simplifying the contracting process with the ability to sign contracts using SMS, there is no longer a need for additional apps or software.
  • Legally valid contracts. Documentary evidence is provided to both parties in a PDF file highlighting the details of the contractual procedure.
  • Money and resource savings. Reducing paper communications allows for over 80% cost savings compared to traditional paper communications.

The Lleida Feature in GoContact

Lleida SMS External Script is integrated into the GoContact interface, and the configuration is customizable to meet each customer’s specific needs.

To take advantage of this integration, you need to contact Lleida and request to activate the subscription. It will be available within a few minutes.

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