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Américas BPS is a BPO focused on the digital transformation of businesses. It seeks to offer solutions that improve business results based on the following differentiating characteristics: analytics and data science, intelligent process transformation, customer experience, and customer value model. It seeks innovative technology with highly trained teams that provide high-quality service. 

As a BPO, Américas BPS has clients from various industries. As such, it manages various activities, including collections, retention, sales, and customer service, with inbound, outbound, and blended campaigns

If I had to describe GoContact in three words, I would say it is user-friendly and adaptable because it quickly adapts to the strategy and needs of the business. In addition, I would highlight the ongoing support provided by the GoContact professionals, who guarantee constant customer service, generate new versions of the platform, and offer new options that allow for continuous improvement without affecting the operation.

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