GoContact - Ebook EN - The importance of the Contact Center in the work of NGOs

The importance of the Contact Center in the work of NGOs

Through contact center operations such as outbound campaigns and channel automation such as tickets, NGOs can increase the quality of their operations while increasing awareness and donations.


Before talking about any call tool or strategy to optimize the work through the Contact Center of an NGO, it is important to refer to the importance of having agents who are highly aware of and united with the project and the cause. Agents need to convey to donors the spirit of need and the importance of the NGO's work, so they must have experience in the sector and be passionate about the cause.

The use of Contact Centers can help increase donations and members of an NGO by reaching out to old and new donors. Agents at a Contact Center can help improve member loyalty and can provide quality education about the cause. Contact center adoption has been shown to enhance the donor experience and help NGOs collect quality data and analyze it. 

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