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Written by:

Sara Silva

Marketing Manager GoContact

GoContact holds a CMMI certification ‐ Capability Maturity Model Integration

Last June, GoContact completed the CMMI level 2 certification, including the design of its platform, and took important steps towards its industrialization and internationalization.
This certification is the certification model and of process improvement for software companies most used worldwide. It is an approach for process improvement that can be used to guide a process improvement for a project, a department, or even an entire organization.

With the goal of organizing processes in a pragmatic and efficient way, GoContact opted to certify the Contact Centre platform, standing out as a differentiating factor in the Contact Centre software development market.

With this implementation, GoContact intends to provide the company with improvements in practices such as the adoption of agile methodologies, as well as high productivity development tools and standards.

According to João Camarate, the company’s CDO (Chief Data Officer): “The certification is part of a strategic plan of the company that aims to carry out various actions for its growth. For the customer, this achievement ensures the quality of deliveries, compliance of the agreed terms and other assuring guarantees in the projects”.
With this new level, GoContact strengthens its position as an innovation company in the technology area, specialized in the creation of integrated software solutions with a personalized development. It applies software engineering to complex and innovative systems, which makes it necessary to constantly improve internal procedures so that we can comply the agreed delivery dates and guarantee quality.
As for the implementation of the certification, João Camarate also states: “… it should also be noted that this certification was obtained with the very close, direct and continuous support of Strongstep, a company specializing in software engineering that accompanied GoContact until achieving this remarkable milestone.”

At this time, the company has already collected the benefits of the procedures implemented over the 12 months of certification, namely, the improvement of internal processes and the assertive execution of project implementation.