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How does Cloud Customer Service work?

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How does Cloud Customer Service work?

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Rut Vazquez

Cloud customer service is possible due to virtualization technology. Virtualization allows the creation of a machine in a virtual version. In the context of customer service, virtualization allows the creation of “software” or a “virtual platform”, which works as if it were hosted on a computer or physical server, with its own hardware.

Agents and supervisors only need internet access and can access the platform through a browser or an application, regardless of the device they are using. 

The implementation of a Cloud platform can be done in four ways: 

Public Cloud – It is an environment where several customers or companies share the same virtual machine. Sharing these servers can be seen as multiple tenants renting space on the same server. 

Private Cloud – It is a server and an exclusive network for a customer or organization. This model provides an environment where only one client can operate. It’s safer and has better performance, but it’s more expensive. 

Hybrid Cloud – Mixing public and private Cloud. For example, using the private one for some services and the public one for others, or even using the public one to serve as a backup for the private one. 

Multicloud – It is the use of several public Clouds, the company rents several servers and virtual services from several external providers. 

Among the different advantages and benefits that exist when having Customer Service in the Cloud, we can highlight: 

  • Reduce costs and improve ROI 
  • Provide a better customer experience and empower workers 
  • Agent efficiency optimization 
  • Operation scalability and flexibility 

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