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Daniela Araújo

As an omnichannel solution, GoContact allows customers to manage all their interactions on a single platform, giving them a unified view of their customer service operations.

Although voice channels continue to be used most often, customer support via webchat has experienced exponential growth with over half of consumers preferring to engage with an agent in real time via webchat instead of making a phone call for support. Because of this, businesses are increasingly looking to webchat channels to meet their customers’ expectations.

With GoContact, you can manage and view all interactions in your webchat channel. Plus, you can integrate with social media channels such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram Direct Messages to tailor each interaction to your customer’s preferences.

One of the key features of GoContact is its versatility. We offer several functionalities that ensure the viability and success of customer service operations in webchat channels, such as the ability to:

  • Configure multiple webchat channels
  • Handle multiple chat sessions simultaneously
  • See customer’s complete account, including their interaction history
  • Send and receive files
  • Configure response templates
  • Integrate with tickets and voice channels

Because the contact center industry is constantly evolving, we aim to respond to changes in the market and in our customer’s needs. Now, there are two new features in GoContact’s webchat module.

1. A Webchat Dashboard

Contact center supervisors must ensure their teams comply with SLAs (service level agreements) and monitor webchat metrics in real time. However, supervisors often have limited knowledge of their teams’ daily performance. For example, if supervisors are unaware of average first response times and chat duration, then they may not know how these metrics change daily.

GoContact already provides real-time dashboards for voice and ticket channels, and now this functionality extends to the webchat channel. The new webchat dashboard is essential for daily contact center operations, providing supervisors with a comprehensive view of key metrics to measure the success of chat operations. These metrics include:

  • Total number of chats
  • Number of active chats
  • Number of chats in the queue
  • Number of abandoned chats
  • Number of resolved chats
  • Average first response time
  • Average chat duration

These metrics can be viewed by chat channel or by grouping data from multiple existing chat channels. This provides supervisors with the information they need to understand their teams’ performance, make informed and preventive decisions, and ensure teams are aligned to performance and experience objectives.

This integrated view makes it easier to measure SLAs and track the success of chat operations quickly and effectively.

2. Automatic Chat Delivery

Supervisors should have the metrics and tools they need to manage operations, but it’s also important to consider the agent experience.

One of the biggest challenges in contact centers is manually assigning new conversations to available agents, especially in centers with high conversation volumes and demanding response times. When done manually, this leads to longer first response times and increases in average session durations. It also hinders the fairness of the agents’ workload since they can autonomously choose their work. This results in uneven workloads and varying levels of complexity.

With automatic chat delivery, agents are automatically assigned new conversations. This enhances response times, reduces average handling times, and guarantees fair and efficient customer service. It can also decrease agent stress and enable supervisors to manage spikes in chat volumes more efficiently.

Want to learn more about these updates or get a more detailed look at the GoContact software? Feel free to reach out to us.